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Our Story

In a world full of pesticides and chemically processed foods, do you even know what you are putting into your body nowadays?

Managing Owner

This uncertainty is what pushed the founder of Bright Start, Mrs. Marcia St. Hilaire-Finn to take the health and nutrition of the families that she served into her own hands. She was tasked with having to figure out not only how to nourish the young minds of the students of Bright Start, but their bodies as well. As a Registered Nurse, Mrs. Marcia was well aware of the benefits of a healthy diet. She is a firm believer that “What you put in, you get out”. You are able to see the adverse effects of one’s diet in their energy level, behavior, thought processes, and overall health. Bright Start began using fresh, natural ingredients from its inception. It was important for us to know exactly where our food was coming from. Moreover, our food from the local farmers market contributes to the common good. Having an on-site chef preparing these meals fresh daily just helped to take it to the next level. 

Also, having Bright Start families ask for pointers on how to get their children to eat a well-balanced diet at home as they do in school is an impetus for us launching our favorite recipe book and offering our meal service in the Fall of 2020. By expanding our services to the families that we serve, it allowed for the diverse, healthy, natural meals that the students have grown accustomed to, to carry on into their homes for the whole family to share. But why stop there? Soon our families started spreading the word to their families and friends, and before you knew it, Bright Start was feeding the community. Time is precious, gain yours back by leaving the cooking to Bright Start with a meal service that you can trust.


Who would’ve known that not cooking would make your life easier and keep your family so healthy!

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